One Rule Nutrition

Are you tired of…

Trying every diet, only to have all the weight come back?
Having no willpower or self-control around food?
Feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in your clothes?

If you want to lose weight once and for all, but every diet you’ve tried has failed,
you don’t need another diet.

It’s simple: diets don't deliver.

Reflect on your own dieting experiences.

How many times did a diet deliver what you really want—lasting weight loss? If you’re like most people, you can follow a diet for a couple of weeks, but the weight comes back when you inevitably feel bored, hungry, stressed, or deprived. This is not your fault—diets are set up for failure.

To your body, dieting is starvation.

Your body doesn’t know you’re voluntarily restricting food, so it shifts into primal survival mode, slowing your metabolism and sending food cravings through the roof. Luckily, there’s a better way. Let your body take the lead, and you’ll find that maintaining a healthy weight is effortless.


Your body knows what, when, and how much to eat—
you just have to listen.


The best way to lose weight is to eat based on your body’s powerful hunger and fullness signals. You’ve likely been ignoring them for a while! Do you eat because you’re hungry or for other triggers—its lunchtime, you’re stressed, or just because the food is there? Do you stop eating when you’re comfortably full or when the plate is clean and you’re stuffed?

"After earning my master’s degree in nutrition, conducting my own weight psychology research, and working in private practice with clients in exactly your position, I can tell you it’s not lack of knowledge about what to eat and how much to exercise that’s keeping you from losing weight. What’s holding you back is also why you eat and how you eat—two critical factors that are ignored by nearly all weight loss programs.”

-Emily Cheera, MS, RDN



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Yes, what you eat matters...

But if you’re ignoring your body's cues—depriving yourself of food all day only to overeat at night, eating mindlessly when you're not hungry, choosing foods that drain your energy, or eating until you're stuffed—you'll stay stuck on the diet rollercoaster at a higher weight than you're meant to be.

That's where we come in.

We dig deep into what, why, and how—the real reasons why you can’t lose weight. Then we take you through a systematic process—teaching you to trust your natural ability to eat just the right amount of food—so you can reach a healthy weight and stay there for good.



The first step to success is uncovering the real reasons why you’re struggling with your weight, getting clear on your goals, and learning how to reach them in the quickest time possible with our:

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Before deciding to see a dietitian, I had struggled to find the right foods to eat or diets to try. I had exhausted all of my options whether it was paleo, counting calories, and many other popular trends you hear about. Emily’s program helped me lose weight and transform my lifestyle. It was the first thing I tried that did not seem difficult. Emily’s nutrition knowledge and personalized plan are absolutely worth investing in, and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a “lighter” and healthier life!
— Alexa, San Marcos